Andhra Pradesh Policy Framework : Welfare Schemes

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Andhra Pradesh Policy Framework : Welfare Schemes

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has been implementing many welfare schemes to eradicate poverty, to empower women and marginalized people. The following list summarises all schemes that are being implemented by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The schemes are arranged alphabetically.

Navarathnalu Schemes

Navarathnalu is an integrated scheme with nine cross-cutting themes covering agriculture, health, education, housing, welfare sectors.

  1. Housing for All
  2. Jagananna Amma Vodi
  3. JVD (Jagananna Vidya Deevena / Vasathi Deevena)
  4. Prohibition
  5. YSR Aarogya Sri
  6. YSR Aasara
  7. YSR Cheyutha
  8. YSR Pension Kanuka
  9. YSR Rythu Bharosa

Other than Navarathnalu Schemes

  1. EBC Nestham
  2. Jagananna Sampoorna Gruha Hakku
  3. Rice Card Services

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