Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules

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Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules

Leaves are governed by the Andhra Pradesh Leave Rules, 1933 came into existence w.e.f 4.10.1933. These Leave Rules are applicable to all employees working in the Govt. Offices/Institutions/Societies and Local Bodies including employees workings in the Vacation Department.

General Rules for Availing Leaves

Leave is permission granted to a Government servant to be absent from actual duty. Leave cannot be claimed as a right. Government servants cannot be compelled to take leave against the wishes of the Government Servant. The application for grant of leave should specify the period of leave, nature of leave, leave address and in the case of leave on Medical certificate, the Medical certificates should be enclosed. Leave credit shall lapse on the date of retirement, death, or resignation. However, earned leave at credit not exceeding 240 days can be encashed in case of retirement or death.

A Government Servant shall be deemed to have resigned from service if the following conditions are satisfied

  • if the government employee is absent without authorization for a period exceeding ‘one year’.
  • if the government employee is absent from duty for a continuous period of exceeding 5 years.
  • if the government employee is continuously on foreign service beyond the duration approved by the Government.
Sl.No.Leave TypeNumber of Leaves
1Casual Leave – CL15 Days
2Compensatory Casual Leave – CCL
3Special Casual Leaves – SCL
4Earned Leave – EL30 Days
5Half Pay Leave, Commuted Leave, and Leave not Due
6Extraordinary Leave – EOL
7Special Disability LeaveNot Exceeding 24 Months
8Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, and Child Care Leave
9Study Leave
10Hospital Leave
11Leave for Employment in Abroad
12Optional Holiday

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