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Career - Mission Impossible Government Job

If your dream is a government job, there are many ways to achieve it. APPSC, TSPSC, and UPSC are a few recruiting agencies that select candidates to work for the government. Although state-level recruitment agencies are stained with corruption scandals occasionally, UPSC has so far been away from such scandals. Go through the following jobs to see whether they match your skills.

Strategy to Get Government Job

Crack APPSC Exams

Crack TSPSC Exams

Crack UPSC Exams

Central Government Jobs

State Government Jobs

Government Jobs in Banking and Finance

India has a Parliamentary form of government that is federal in structure with unitary features. Three organs (Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary) are entrusted with the governance of the country. Territorially, India is divided into States and Union Territories. States are divided into districts for ease of administration. In addition, Local Governance (Panchayats and Municipalities) is constitutionalized by the 73rd and 74th Amendments to the Constitution of India. The Permanent Executive branch carries out the day-to-day administration of a territory. All government employees and officers are a part of it.

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