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Interest Earnings Calculators

Simple Interest Calculator
Simple interest is based on the principle of Interest on Principal or Loan. It is the result of multiplication of the Principal, Time Period and Rate of Interest.

Compound Interest Calculator
Compound interest is based on the principle of Interest on Interest. The interest is added to the principal regularly. The interest in the next period is then calculated on the new balance amount (i.e. principal plus previously accrued interest). It is the result of reinvesting interest.

Fixed Deposit Calculator, Term Deposit Calculator, Bonds Interest Calculator, and Time Deposit Calculator are a few financial instruments that use the compound interest principle.

Zero Interest Savings Calculator shows the amount to save regularly to meet the specific goal amount without any interest accrued.

Interest Rate Converter
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the rate a bank offers on deposits and loans. However based on the compounding interest frequency (i.e. annually, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and continuously), the effective rate varies. This effective rate is known as Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Both APR and APY are calculated with varying compounding frequencies based on nominal interest rate. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) or APR to APY Calculator converts annual percentage rate to effective annual percentage yield (APY). Annual Percentage Rate (APR) or APY to APR Calculator converts annual percentage yield (APY) to effective annual percentage rate (APR).

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