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Deposits and Withdrawals Calculators

Compound Interest Calculator
Compound interest is based on the principle of Interest on Interest. The interest is added to the principal regularly. The interest in the next period is then calculated on the new balance amount (i.e. principal plus previously accrued interest). It is the result of reinvesting interest.

Fixed Deposit Calculator, Term Deposit Calculator, Bonds Interest Calculator, and Time Deposit Calculator are a few financial instruments that use the compound interest principle.

Recurring Deposit Calculator
Recurring Deposit is also a kind of fixed deposit. Unlike in fixed deposit, a person with regular income deposits a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account. The interest rate is applicable on the amount invested each month for the time invested.

Recurring Withdraw Calculator is opposite to Recurring Deposit. Once a specific initial amount is deposited, a monthly amount is withdrawn. This is suitable for senior citizens and retirees to get pension fund monthly.

Flexible Deposit Calculator calculates a suitable monthly installment if you wish to accumulate a certain maturity amount for a time period with compounding interest rate applicable.

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